Portfolio Solutions

The Atrium team works in partnership with advisers and business owners to understand the business structure, the client value proposition and the overall investment objectives.

Atrium understands that advisers are continually looking to improve the investment outcomes for their clients. We also understand that many advisers seek investment solutions that allow the practice owner to maximise their own business efficiencies. This is where Atrium has developed a range of practical portfolio solutions for advisers.

Atrium has developed a range of implemented model portfolios – where Atrium takes on the responsibility for all facets of the investment decision, including; portfolio construction, asset allocation, implementation, risk management, valuation, custody and reporting. This enables the adviser to construct efficient and scale-able investment solutions for all client types.

The Atrium team works in partnership with advisers and business owners to understand the business structure, the client value proposition and the overall investment objectives. We then develop solutions which are tailored around these specific client and business needs.

Atrium manages close to A$1bn in assets under this approach, working with the full range of advisers types (single adviser practices to multi adviser practices) from around Australia.

How we invest

Atrium builds portfolios that are less susceptible to market volatility

Our implemented investment portfolios are typically made up of a diverse range of investments from a number of asset classes. Although at times, the mandate is to invest in a specific type of investment – depending on the client’s existing asset class exposures.

When constructing each portfolio, our predominant focus is on the targeted risk level, allocating to a wide variety of investments, including equities, bonds, infrastructure, property, commodities and alternative investments, based on an assessment of their value and contribution to total risk and return. We then constantly adjust the mix of assets across this range of different underlying asset classes. In this way, Atrium builds portfolios that are less susceptible to market volatility and deliver a risk level consistent with our client’s investment profile.

Why you can be confident in utilising Atrium’s investment service

Experience and Track Record

Our performance history dates back to 2002, when the investment approach was developed on behalf of a range of individual client accounts. Our portfolios have consistently delivered returns to objectives over the long term.

Partnership approach

Atrium has developed a practical working partnership with a number of adviser businesses around Australia. The Atrium team have hands-on experience developing practical investment tools – specifically tailored to meet the needs of the advice firm.


Our team of investment professionals has more than 100 years of combined investment experience, largely gained by working for some of the largest investors in Australia and the world.

Governance and Operational Excellence

Our experienced investment and operational team provides the capability to achieve the highest standards in governance and corporate controls. We place the highest priority on operational excellence.

Alignment of interest

To align their interests with those of our investors, our directors and executives invest material proportions of their own wealth in the solutions we implement for our clients.

Tailored Solutions

We can offer your organisation tailored investment advice and ongoing management to help maximise your organisation’s financial resources over the short and long term.

Transparency, ongoing engagement and communication

Our proposition doesn’t simply end at well-constructed portfolios. We place a great deal of importance on providing transparent and regular reporting and communication to adviser firms and their clients.

Benefits to the adviser and business owner

Business efficiencies – Significant business efficiencies can be gained under this approach. Experience suggests that profit margin gains of up to 50% can be achieved under this approach.
Tailored approach – Portfolios can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the adviser to suit your own business structure and approach to dealing with clients.
Cost management – In our experience, the efficiencies that can be gained in utilising implemented portfolios enable an adviser to reduce a number of expenses in their business.
Time – Implemented portfolios provide the adviser with that cherished resource – more time in your day. Feedback from advisers who have implemented these solutions have gained up to 75% in time efficiencies.

Benefits to the client

Clients can be comforted by the fact that the portfolio is managed by a professional investment team, with significant industry experience. The team has an enviable track record, delivering significant outperformance to clients over the longer term. This is combined with a Risk Targeted investment approach, provides comfort that sensible investment decisions are made.

Client servicing is at the forefront of our approach to delivering robust adviser solutions. We provide ongoing reporting, commentary and portfolio transparency in a variety of forms including Monthly reports, webinar updates, video updates, professional development days and client investment forums.