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The Atrium Evolution Series – Diversified Fund (Fund) is available for direct investment or through a financial adviser.

Atrium accepts investments from individuals, trusts, not for profit organisations, superannuation funds, companies, associations, co-operatives and government bodies.

“Minimum investment of $15,000 and a $5,000 minimum per class”

When directly investing, there is a minimum investment of $15,000 with a $5,000 minimum per class. Additional investments have a minimum of $5,000 with a $2,000 minimum per class.

To invest directly, it is necessary to read the relevant fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before completing the application form. The Application Form can be accessed in electronic form or requested from your financial adviser.

Send your completed application form and all the required supporting identification documentation to the address below.

For more information, please contact Client services on 1300 759 050.

Application Process

1. Read              →          2. Complete             →           3. Send

  1. Read relevant Product Disclosure Statement
  2. Complete the Initial Application Form
    Complete required identification forms (download below) to certify your identity. If you would like to make an additional application, a withdrawal, or change your details, please use the forms below
  3. Send the completed application form, identification form, supporting documentation and investment amount to
    Atrium Evolution Series – Diversified Fund
    National Australia Bank Limited
    Attention: Registry Services
    GPO Box 1406
    Melbourne VIC 3001

Cheques should be made payable to:

“Atrium Funds – Application A/C” and should accompany the application form. Cheques should be crossed “Not Negotiable”. Please include investor name and address on the back of the cheque.

Payment by EFT should be made to:

Bank: National Australia Bank
Reference: Investor Name and Fund Name (as applicable)
Account Name: Atrium Funds – Application A/C
Account BSB: 083-043
Account Number: 143251288

Member Enquiries

Tel: 1300 759 050


  1. Initial Application Form
  2. Additional Application Form
  3. Withdrawal Form
  4. Certifying Your Documents
  5. Change of Details Form

Identification Forms

Other Important Information

For further queries about the Fund, please call your financial adviser or contact the manager:

Atrium Investment Management Pty Ltd
Level 6, 4 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 1300 759 050
F: 02 9248 8010

Unit pricing

The unit price for each class of units will be calculated as at the close of business on the last Sydney Business Day of each week. As such, all complete applications and payments by cheque or EFT must be received before 4pm on the second last Business Day of the week to be issued at the unit price calculated as at close of business on the last Business Day of that week. All redemption requests must also be received before 4pm on the second last Business Day of the week to be processed at the unit price calculated as at the close of business on the last Business Day of the week.

Investing via a Financial Adviser

The role of a financial adviser is to gain an understanding of your financial situation and then develop strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. A financial adviser can determine the right asset allocation for your goals.