Investment Strategies

Providing Tailored investment strategies to institutions, endowments, Charities and Family offices.

Atrium has a deep understanding of the institutional, charitable and not-for-profit sector, having developed a range of investment solutions for these clients.

Atrium understands that no one client is the same when it comes to the development of these portfolio solutions. Our clients differ in terms of size, investment timeframe and propensity to take risk, liquidity needs and their capital requirements. Atrium devotes a significant amount of time to ensure we understand these needs and personal preferences.

How we work with our clients

Our approach is to work with the Board of Trustees or Directors to gain a full understanding of the investment objectives and needs of the fund. This is part of completing a full picture of the organisations requirements. It is only after investing time and resourcing in understanding our client’s needs, we go about formulating our investment recommendations.

As outlined in the diagram below, this is a process that requires ongoing management and engagement with the trustees in order to understand and meet the operational requirements of the business, whilst at the same time ensuring that the financial legacy is maintained and built upon over time.

Atrium Diagram


How we invest

Our investment portfolios are typically made up of a diverse range of investments from a number of asset classes. However we provide expertise in key asset classes including:


Diversified Strategies




Fixed Income

Real Assets

Real Assets



Whilst we typically invest across these asset classes, we can tailor a portfolio, selecting from a range of investments and risk factors, to meet the specific needs of clients.

Our predominate focus on risk is vital to avoid adverse outcomes and maximise our clients’ returns. Atrium applies continual filters to assess and understand the individual risks associated with all investments and investment opportunities. In this way we build portfolios that are designed to be less susceptible to market volatility and deliver a risk level consistent with our client’s investment profile.

Why you can be confident in utilising Atrium’s investment service

Experience and Track Record

Our performance history dates back to 2002, when the investment approach was developed on behalf of a range of individual client accounts. Our portfolios have consistently delivered returns to objectives over the long term.

Partnership Approach

Atrium has developed a practical working partnership with a number of institutional, charitable or not-for-profit clients around Australia. The Atrium team have hands-on experience developing practical investment solutions for these clients.


Our team of investment professionals has more than 100 years of combined investment experience, largely gained by working for some of the largest investors in Australia and the world.

Alignment of Interest

To align their interests with those of our investors, our directors and executives invest material proportions of their own wealth in the solutions we implement for our clients.

Tailored Solutions

We can offer your organisation tailored investment advice and ongoing management to help maximise your organisation’s financial resources over the short and long term.

Transparency, Ongoing Engagement and Communication

Our proposition doesn’t simply end at well-constructed portfolios. We place a great deal of importance on providing transparent and regular reporting and communication to the client. Often, this is customised to suit the client’s specific needs.

Why Atrium

We provide customised investment portfolios tailored to our client’s precise needs.

  • A performance history dating back to 2002, when the investment approach was developed on behalf of a range of individual client accounts. Since that time our diversified funds have achieved top quartile results since their inception.
  • Investment excellence is at the core of everything we do as we devote significant time to ensure we understand your needs and personal preferences.
  • Our team of investment specialists have more than 100 years of combined experience, largely gained by working for some of the largest investment organisations in Australia.
  • Our operational team provides the capability to achieve the highest standards in governance and corporate control.