REal Assets Private Markets

High quality assets providing cash flow generation over the long term


 Attractive investments with consistent cash flow generation over the long term.

As part of Atrium’s risk targeted investment approach, we often allocate capital to long-term and sustainable assets such as property and infrastructure. Investing in these types of high quality assets allows us to identify and allocate to attractive investments with consistent cash flow generation over the long term.


For our long-term investors, holding such assets over an extended period of time provides confidence in client investment outcomes. To better meet this need, we have created a Real Assets portfolio which provides investors with the opportunity to gain access to high quality assets through a professionally managed portfolio. It is our belief that this sector can be highly attractive, provided that risks can be managed through in-depth investment analysis.

How do we think about investing in Private Markets?

When we invest in private markets, we are looking to gain exposure to investments:

  • That are generally unique in nature and hard to replicate.
  • That have reliable sources of cashflows.
  • That are positioned to grow either through demographic changes or through an enhancement to the asset.
  • Where the asset can be purchased at a price that provides us a sufficient margin of safety. That is, at a price which represents value.

Atrium Real Assets Fund (ARAF)

Investment Objective:

The Atrium Real Assets Fund aims to provide wholesale investors with exposure to a range of real assets including property and infrastructure. Atrium seeks to manage a diversified portfolio of real asset investments across a range of sectors, locations, asset types and investment styles.

Investment Strategy:

The portfolio is managed through an active research approach, seeking the best investment opportunities within the framework of constructing a diversified Real Assets portfolio. Through active assets selection and ongoing asset management, the focus is on accessing investment opportunities where there is an ability to generate superior risk adjusted returns. Emphasis will be placed on market inefficiencies, mispricing and /or market and economic cycles.

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